Little Fox Productions

After years of coming up with ideas over beers, Kate and Marni finally found The One, so Little Fox Productions was born and so began production of a comedy / drama television series, Early Retirement, about a young man who is forced to live with his grandfather in a retirement village, along with a cast of colourful characters. The series, set in Hobart, features a cast of incredibly talented Tasmanian actors, Tasmanian crew and Tasmanian scenery, all of which helps to propel Hobart into the spotlight and give Tasmania a starring role.

Kate Fox

Not working in television was never an option for Kate Fox. Starting out as a production assistant for travel and lifestyle show Sydney Weekender, she quickly rose to researcher, writer and producer. From there, she moved into news, but soon realised writing was her passion, and spent over a decade working in magazine publishing, trudging the well-heeled corridors of Pacific Magazines as features writer, sub-editor and editor across numerous titles. When a life of tight deadlines seemed impossible to maintain, Kate relocated from Sydney to Hobart, where she was born, and jumped back into TV production, working as a producer of television commercials. With enough time on her hands, she is completing her Masters in Communication, and she started a Tasmanian-inspired blog, The Apple of My Isle, about how much her little island home saved her from the rat race.

Marni Little

Inspired at an early age by Kevin Smith (if you’re reading this, Kevin Smith, sorry about that “early” bit), Marni always knew she wanted to write for film and television. Hours spent reading and writing creative stories accumulated into her first feature length script, at age thirteen, however years would pass before she managed to produce something publishable. After obtaining a Diploma in Communications, Marni went on to study Screenwriting for Film and Television before moving into marketing and publicity for several years. Marni later relocated to Los Angeles where she worked on several television projects and created her first “grown-up” feature, Adult Conversations and her first television pilot, Kate.  She then returned home to NSW where she has since worked with Christine Milo on Aswang. Marni currently resides in the Central Coast, although brags she is an honorary Tasmanian, where she runs a blog called Unqualified and is mum to three-year-old Archie.